Why Our Customers Trust Us With Their Home Cleaning

Many people call the Cleaning Force and the first thing they want to know is, “How much is it going to cost to have my home cleaned every two weeks (or every four weeks)?”  We Take Your Trust Seriously We understand how important cost is. But we also know that you want to know you’re […]

How We Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Many of you have hardwood floors. If you have them, you want to make sure they’re cleaned correctly. We have a few different options you can choose from for your hardwood floors. Types of Cleaners We have the Thieves cleaner, which is safe for hardwood floors. Or, you can choose our natural pH floor cleaner, […]

Why Choose The Cleaning Force?

Cleaning Force Company is a family-owned maid service and cleaning company that provides quality cleaning services to Frisco, TX and surrounding areas. The family behind Cleaning Force Company is all about family, friends, and service to the local community and beyond. We value trustworthiness and quality service and instill these values in our maid service […]

Why Our Clients Like Having The Same Cleaning Technician

One thing our clients love about us is that you can have the same technician come to your home each time. Personalized Service If you really like someone, you can request them to be your regular technician! This way the technicians can get to know your family, your pets, the way you make your bed, […]