How We Can Give You A Cleaning Quote Over The Phone

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Professional house cleaning services often receive inquiries about pricing and the process of providing quotes. Many clients wonder if a home visit is necessary for us to determine the cost. So, how can we accurately give you a cleaning quote over the phone?

In this article, we’ll delve into our approach to estimating the cost of professional house cleaning, putting your concerns to rest.

Why We Don’t Need To See Your Home First

No, we do not! We can give you quotes over the phone, based on the square footage of your house. We are able to go to the appraisal district websites and pull up your home’s square footage. Then we work with you to see if you need us to clean your whole house, or perhaps just the upstairs or downstairs. 

Our Most Popular Service

Our most popular service is our initial top to bottom deep clean. We know that we can do this at a rate of about 250 square feet per hour, which makes it easy to give you an accurate quote based on your square footage. After this initial deep cleaning, when we come back out to clean your home on a recurring basis, we can cover more square feet per hour. We can cover more space in a shorter amount of time because during the recurring cleanings we will not be doing things like hand-washing baseboards, doors, window frames, shutters, etc. as we do in the deep clean. 

Special Circumstances

So don’t be afraid to ask for a quote over the phone, without us walking into your home. We don’t have to see your house to give you a quote that we can stand behind. Occasionally when we arrive to clean your home we might find special circumstances that change our fee, but that does not normally happen. If anything does come up, we will talk it over with you. 

Your Next Step

You will love our techs, and you will love how clean we will make your house! Give us a call today at (214) 843-2523 to see what we can do for you!

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