How Will You Handle My Pets?

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Where They Will Be

At Sparkling Clean Homes, we understand that pets are an integral part of your family. When you schedule a cleaning session with us, we make it a point to ask for your furry friend’s name and their whereabouts within your home. Our priority is ensuring the utmost care and consideration for your pets during our cleaning process.

We respect your preferences regarding your pet’s location while we work our magic. Some clients opt to keep their pets in the laundry room or garage while we tackle the cleaning tasks. Rest assured, we are flexible and accommodating. Wherever you feel most comfortable housing your pet during our visit, just let us know. If you prefer to keep your pet secured in a particular room, we understand completely, and we will ensure that area remains undisturbed.

Your pets’ safety and well-being are important to us, and by providing us with this valuable information, we can seamlessly integrate our cleaning efforts while ensuring your furry companion remains content and at ease. Let us take care of transforming your home into a pristine haven while keeping a watchful eye on your beloved pets.

Our Technicians Are Animal Lovers

We clean homes with pets all the time. In fact, it’s pretty unusual for us to enter a home that doesn’t have a pet in it! We’ve seen dogs, cats, ferrets, birds—even snakes! Our technicians love animals. In fact, that’s one of our interview questions! We want our technicians to be comfortable to be around any pet our homeowners might have. 

Your Next Step

We want your pet to be comfortable with us, and we don’t want to catch them off guard. So just let us know what kind you have and where they will be in the house when we come to clean, and we will make sure that your pet is as happy as you are with our work!

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