How Long Will a Cleaning Service Be In My Home?

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How Long Will a Cleaning Service Be In My Home?

Having a house cleaning service come to your home on a regular basis can be a big step for your peace of mind.  It can allow you to focus your attention on other things yet still know you can come home to clean the house.  In order to plan, you may want to know how long a typical cleaning will take.  Every house is different, but rest assured, our expert cleaning professionals will spend ample time making sure your home is spic and span.  Here are some factors to consider when determining how long a house cleaning service will take.

Square Footage Total

Cleaning service personnel take into account what type of home you live in and the total square footage of your home.  Providing helpful information such as if your home is a townhome, apartment, condo, or single-family home can go a long way in helping determine the length of time needed to clean the home thoroughly.  House cleaning services also want to know the square footage of the house, or at least the part that you want to be cleaned.  For instance, if you want just the main living floor cleaned, cleaning services won’t need the square footage of the basement, too.  The more specific you are, the easier it is to determine how long it will take to clean the designated areas.

Rooms to Be Cleaned

House cleaning services will also ask about the rooms in your home that you are wanting to be cleaned.  Each room has different services that will be performed.  Bathrooms and kitchens require different cleaning services than living rooms and bedrooms.  Let your house cleaning service know how many bedrooms and bathrooms will be included in the square footage being cleaned so they can account for the time needed per room in your total anticipated cleaning time.  House cleaning services can also include cleaning extra rooms such as playrooms, dens, or dining rooms.  Just make a note to let them know you are wanting those cleaned as well.  Once you have given all the information to the cleaning company, they can provide you with an estimate.  A more accurate answer can be provided once the cleaning company professionals have done a walkthrough of your home with you to discuss rooms and services required.

To start the process of in-home cleaning services, contact the Cleaning Force Company.

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