How to Get Rid of Your Dust Problem

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Dust is everyone’s least favorite house cleaning enemy. It can’t be entirely prevented, and it can pose a health hazard if it accumulates too heavily. Not to mention that it is unsightly and hinders the comfortable atmosphere you seek to maintain in your home. Dust contains many different types of allergens; something for everyone, you might say! Fine bits of dirt tracked in your home, skin cells, fabric, hair, and even bits of bugs can exist in the micro powder that is your dust. You were not intended to breathe these things in, so it is important that dust be managed regularly. If dust has you frustrated and sniffly, contact the helping hands at Cleaning Force Company to help you rid your home of this pesky irritant. We are your house cleaning service professionals in the McKinney, TX area. 

Get Your Air Filters Changed Regularly 

The “source” of air in your home tends to be the air conditioning return vents where your clean and climate-controlled air makes its way into your home’s rooms. It makes sense that keeping the filters that this air travels through clean and fresh would benefit you on your quest to rid your home of dust. Your air conditioning company might provide this service for you, or you can manage it yourself… it isn’t too complicated. There are even companies that send you your necessary filters on the intervals that they need to be changed. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Utilize a HEPA Filter in Your Vacuums and Air Purifiers

Such a simple step, with such a dramatic impact on your dust removal plan. Most vacuums and air purifiers come with this feature standard nowadays, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to check before you buy or to replace your older machine with a newer and more health-conscious one. As you use your vacuum or purifiers, they filter the harmful particles out of the air that they recirculate into the space. Our team only uses HEPA filter vacuums to manage your spaces when we clean. 

Keep Linens Cleaned on a Weekly Interval 

Your bed linens, blankets, pillows, and other various types of linens around your home can be a safe harbor for dust to hide in. In order to prevent them from hiding away extra messes, clean them with warmer settings on a weekly basis. 

Damp Dust Your Surfaces 

Conventional cleaning wisdom has always dictated that we clean our surfaces with a dry duster. The problem is, dry dusters tend to do more of a “moving messes around” type of cleaning job. They don’t attract the dust as they often advertise, and they don’t have the ability to keep it from dropping all over your flooring and other surfaces below. 

Contact our team to obtain a quote for house cleaning services today to see how we can sort out your dust problems and keep your air fresh, pleasant, and dust-free! 

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