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Cleaning Force Company is a family-owned maid service and cleaning company that provides quality cleaning services in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas. The family behind Cleaning Force Company is all about family, friends, and service to the local community and beyond. We value trustworthiness and quality service and instill these values in our maid service and cleaning technicians and services offered in both residential and commercial settings. 

Residential Cleaning Service

At Cleaning Force Company, we offer multiple different packages and customizations to provide our customers with maid service and cleaning service to address our clients’ individual needs. Our technicians are regularly trained to provide quality maid service experiences for all our clients. We clean throughout your entire home, including kitchens, bathrooms, living room, bedrooms, and more. Offering customizable services means you can specify and note certain services that are important to you. Our maid service and technicians hand wash many areas of your home, vacuum and dust, and clean and disinfect where appropriate. A full list of our residential services is available on our website. 

Commercial Cleaning Service

We also offer commercial cleaning services in Frisco, TX at Cleaning Force Company. Our technicians address the entire business space, including restrooms, kitchens, and break areas. We dust, vacuum, clean, sanitize, and tidy all areas to ensure a fully functioning and clean office space. Whether you need daily, weekly, or one-time cleaning, consider Cleaning Force Company for your maid service and cleaning service needs. We guarantee a quality experience and want our clients to know they can always trust our trained and qualified cleaning technicians. We understand and value the importance of the office building and workspace as the face of your company and we work hard to provide you with a satisfactory experience. 

Our Commitment to the Environment 

At Cleaning Force Company, we are committed to the environment and the type of products we use in both our residential and commercial settings reflect that commitment. We do not use any cleaning products that contain harmful toxic chemicals, because we recognize the importance of providing a safe, healthy environment for you, your family, and even your pets! At Cleaning Force Company, we also committed to disinfecting your home to help reduce allergens and bacteria that can be harmful to you and your family. If you are looking for a maid service and cleaning service in Frisco, TX, look no further than Cleaning Force Company and connect with us today. 

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The Cleaning Force is your TRUSTED cleaning company that provides guaranteed service by the best cleaning technicians in the industry.

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