Should I Clean Before the Cleaners Come?

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Should I Clean Before the Cleaners Come?

When people hire cleaners for the first time, they are often unsure of what state to leave the house in before their first session. Home cleaning experts has come to homes in plenty of conditions before. Some clients are very tidy and want us to take care of the details, while others don’t do any maintenance cleaning and rely on our services. While we are happy to take care of your home no matter what, many people ask what they should do before we arrive

When It’s Helpful to Clean First

In most cases, it’s not necessary to do any cleaning or tidying before we arrive at your McKinney, TX home, however, there are some cases where it can be helpful. Even a warning of extra mess can be helpful so we can schedule extra time.

For example, if we arrive at your home to discover you had just hosted a huge, wild holiday party the night before, it can add extra time and work. Before we can begin normal cleaning duties, we have to clean up dishes and food that have been left. This extends the time and likely the cost of your cleaning.

When a client first calls in our Frisco maid service, we will usually start with a deep cleaning to bring the standard condition of the home to clean, letting us worry about maintenance most visits. This strategy of maintenance cleaning keeps your visits affordable. When we arrive at a McKinney, TX home that has been reverted to the status of pre-deep cleaning without prior notice, we are not able to bring the appropriate amount of crew and can spend extra time.

Extenuating circumstances like a large party or mess are good times to either tidy up or contact your Frisco maid service with a courtesy warning.

Tidying Up

Small tasks can be helpful before we arrive, like picking up toys that may be on the floor in the way of vacuuming. Keep in mind we may not always know where certain items go, so if you want them to end up somewhere particular, you can put them up first.

However, do not feel that you need to do the dishes or laundry, straighten the couch, or any tasks like that. At Cleaning Force, we love to turn your lived-in McKinney, TX home into a sparkling and clean oasis and are happy to handle these jobs. Contact us today for your cleaning services to start today!

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