Often Overlooked Tasks That A Professional Home Deep Cleaning Includes

Professional Home Deep Cleaning

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Housekeeping professionals understand that household chores can often be time-consuming and easily overlooked. While homeowners strive to maintain a presentable appearance for their essential living areas, certain tasks tend to fall by the wayside. Neglecting these tasks allows dust and debris to accumulate in hidden corners over time. To address this, professional home cleaners offer both routine cleaning and deep cleaning services, ensuring every nook and cranny receives the attention it deserves.

Deep cleaning sets itself apart by its meticulous attention to detail. It goes beyond the surface-level cleaning performed during regular maintenance, delving into a comprehensive and thorough overhaul of your home. In this engaging blog post, we unveil the often overlooked tasks that are included in a professional deep cleaning service.

Our housekeeping professionals have crafted a detailed checklist outlining the tasks involved, which you can conveniently find on our website. While some additional tasks may be available upon request and at an extra cost, our primary focus remains on providing a top-to-bottom cleaning experience that leaves no area untouched. Discover the transformative power of deep cleaning as we guide you through the comprehensive tasks involved in our professional service.

Dusting light fixtures and light bulbs

Light fixtures are hard-to-reach and easy-to-forget while cleaning. However, dust can turn the light bulbs dull, affecting your room’s illumination. Most cleaning companies will dust your light fixtures during a deep cleaning. 

Cleaning the ceiling fans

Ceiling fans work as dust collectors. Dusting your ceiling fan’s blades is mandatory if you don’t want dust dispersed in the air. A cloth or a microfiber duster is enough to keep your ceiling fans clean. 

Vacuuming over the furniture

It is incredible how much dirt and stuff your furniture can retain. Cleaning your couch can lead you to find a long-lost object! During a deep cleaning, vacuuming your furniture should not be avoided. 

Dusting window sills and ledges

It’s normal to find more dirt around your windows—even dead bugs and cobwebs can start building up. Besides improving the view, cleaning your window sills and ledges is essential for maintaining your home’s air quality and is an important task any thorough service should include.

Cleaning appliances’ surfaces

Cleaning your appliances might require different methods to prevent damage. However, most cleaning companies will wipe down most visible appliances during a deep cleaning.

Cleaning inside microwave, oven, and fridge

You’ll have to clean inside major appliances sooner or later. Although most cleaning companies clean inside the fridge, freezer, and oven, they are likely done only upon request.

Dusting knickknacks and framed photos

During everyday chores, knickknacks are left aside—cleaning one by one might take all day long. Nonetheless, every item in your home collects dust and should be cleaned occasionally. Most deep cleaning services include dusting knickknacks, framed photographs, and other decorations.

Cleaning door frames and baseboards.

Homeowners regularly clean their floors, but baseboards and doors don’t receive the same attention. A common task during a deep-clean is wiping down these areas to take off any stain or dirt.

Cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom

Inside and outside the toilet is included in any deep cleaning checklist. Professionals should be able to clean and sanitize the sink, faucet, vanities, and bathtub.

Don’t forget the walls!

Walls get dirty too, but professionals often don’t include them in a standard cleaning service. Ensure that every deep cleaning in your home has at least wall spot cleaning.

Cleaning companies include a wide variety of tasks in their deep-clean services. The Cleaning Force uses a detailed checklist to let you know what you can expect from our “Top to Bottom Deluxe Clean.” We are a locally-owned cleaning company, and we know every home has different cleaning needs. Get your quote with a few clicks!

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