How To Effectively Clean The Inside Of Your Microwave

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As a homeowner, you may know how easy it is for your microwave to turn into a total mess, especially if you skip cleaning it for a while. Although a messy microwave can look challenging to clean, you can easily handle this task with stuff you probably already have at home.

Keep on reading to learn how to do it!

Step #1. Start with the turntable

Chances are most spills in your microwave end up in the turntable. However, cleaning it inside your appliance is impractical, so the first step is to remove the turntable.

Once removed, give the turntable a good scrub using warm soapy water and a kitchen sponge in your sink. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains, use a medium-bristled toothbrush to tackle them without scratching the material.

Pro-tip: Isn’t the turntable that messy? Save some time by tossing it in the dishwasher—just place it carefully like any other plate!

Step #2: Clear the stuck-on food

Before diving into the main part of this cleaning process, let’s deal with that annoying food gunk stuck to the microwave walls to save time down the road—too much food residue can hinder the process.

Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away the more recent, soft spills, and for those tough, dried-on food particles, a plastic spatula or scraper will be your best friend.

Step #3: Mix a DIY cleaning solution

No need to make a trip to the store or spend money on fancy cleaning products! Get creative with a simple yet effective homemade cleaning solution. You only need some baking soda, dish soap, and warm water. Mix them in a spray bottle, give it a good shake, and you’ll be ready to go!

Step #4: Wipe away the grime

Once you’ve prepared your homemade cleaner, spray it all over the interior of your microwave and let it work for about ten minutes. Remember not to spray too much solution near the vent holes to avoid mishaps.

Then, grab a trusty kitchen sponge, dampen it with warm water, and wipe away that grime. Clean the ceiling first and work your way down to avoid dirt from resettling (and you from having to do extra work!). If the sponge gets too dirty, give it a quick rinse and keep going.

Step #5: Dry and put the turntable back

Before you call it a day, make sure everything is dry and shiny. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to give the microwave interior and turntable a final wipe-down. Once it’s dry, slide that turntable back into its rightful place.

What about vinegar to clean your microwave?

You might have heard about using vinegar to clean your microwave. Although it’s a pretty safe and straightforward method, there’s a catch: vinegar works best when your microwave isn’t too dirty. So, it’s best to stick to our DIY solution for those heavy-duty tasks.

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