How To Easily Keep Your House Cobweb-free

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When we think of cobwebs, our minds often conjure up images of dilapidated old houses. So, when those unwelcome strands appear in our well-lit and meticulously clean homes, they can certainly give off an unsettling vibe. No one wants their living space to resemble an abandoned Halloween haunt. If you’re seeking ways to bid farewell to these spooky decorations, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this blog post, we’ll share the expertise of spring cleaning experts to provide you with the easiest and most effective methods to keep cobwebs at bay. Get ready to reclaim your home’s pristine charm with our natural and engaging insights.

Where do cobwebs come from?

Cobwebs are made by an arachnid family colloquially known as home spiders. At a glance, they look like spiderwebs. However, there’s a difference: while spiderwebs are inhabited, cobwebs no longer host an arachnid.

Once a web is abandoned, its sticky threads start to gather dust and small debris, giving it a clingy, dark look. And thus, a new cobweb has been born.

How to remove cobwebs from your home

Eliminating cobwebs in your house is not rocket science. You can even use your hand to do it—although, yuck! However, there are more convenient ways to clean cobwebs. Here are three of them:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is a great mess-free option to remove cobwebs. Removing ceiling cobwebs will be like child’s play if you have a wand attachment. Suck the cobwebs, clean the vacuum bag, and call it a day.
  2. Try a double-sided duster. Using a duster can help you clean narrower places where a vacuum cleaner nozzle doesn’t fit. To reach even farther, use a telescopíng attachment for your duster.
  3. Resort to a DIY tool. If you don’t want your duster all tangled up with cobwebs, grab a paint roller and wrap tape around it (with the sticky side facing outwards). Then, roll it over the cobwebs and watch how they get trapped easily.

Warning: Be careful not to press the DIY tool too hard against walls as it could rip the paint off.

How to keep cobwebs away

Cleaning up your house from cobwebs feels good. However, you still need to do a few things to keep cobwebs at bay. Check them out!

  1. Seal your house. Spiders enter your home through cracks and crevices. So, check for them in your window sills, house foundations, or any other place you consider worth checking. Once located, you can seal the cracks by applying caulk.
  2. Use repellents. There are certain substances that spiders are not fond of. Spray a mix of water and peppermint, lemon, or eucalyptus in corners or places where critters can enter to keep them away for good.
  3. Clean frequently. Even if you don’t see them, spiderwebs can be there lurking, gathering dust. Regularly cleaning those hard-to-reach spots will be enough to eliminate those potential cobwebs.

Keep your house cobweb-free with the best cleaning service!

If you don’t have enough time to clean your house as it deserves, The Cleaning Force has your back! Our skilled cleaners will remove pesky cobwebs and leave your home squeaky clean. On top of that, we use the safest products for your household! Get a free quote now!

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