How To Clean A Mirror Without Glass Cleaner (And Without Streaks!)

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Is your mirror in desperate need of a cleaning, but you find yourself without any glass cleaner? We’ve all been there!  

In this article, we’ll uncover a simple yet effective method, along with a homemade cleaner recipe, to help you achieve a streak-free mirror. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer to leave the cleaning to the professionals, like housekeeping professionals, this guide will have your mirrors spotless in no time!

The 4-step method to clean every mirror

Washing your mirrors—regardless of the type of cleaner you use—generally goes the same way. So, when you’re ready to clean your mirrors, follow these four easy steps:

Step 1. Choose the right tools

Using the right tools to clean your mirrors (in this case, a cloth and a spray bottle) can make all the difference.

All you need is a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle to get the cleaning solution on the mirror without making a mess. When picking the cloth, ensure it is clean—a dirty fabric can leave traces behind.

Step 2. Choose your cleaning agent

When it comes to cleaning mirrors, many homeowners believe that Windex is the only choice, but there are plenty of other options out there!

Solutions like vinegar, alcohol, or soapy water have fewer chemicals and leave less residue behind, meaning there’ll be hardly any streaks on the mirrors. If you don’t know which homemade cleaner to pick, you can learn more under the “5 homemade mirror cleaners” section of this blog.

Step 3. Wipe the right way

When wiping the cleaning solution on your mirror, always do it in an “S” pattern. With this motion, you can push the dirt to the edges for easy removal—instead of stirring the dirt on the mirror.

Step 4. Dry the mirrors

Wet mirrors can lead to water or steam running down the mirror, leaving it streaky. So, once you’re done washing the mirrors, wipe away the moisture with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

5 homemade mirror cleaners

Different cleaning agents work best depending on whether your mirrors are slightly foggy or have a lot of dirt and stains. Here are five alternatives to glass cleaners to choose from:

The easiest option: Plain water

Homeowners usually believe that more cleaning solutions mean better results. However, those very products meant to clean your mirrors can leave streaks behind. 

So, if you struggle with streaks, try wiping your mirrors with plain water first. Water is usually enough for foggy mirrors or even light stains; however, if you need more cleaning power, go to the next options.

The tried-and-true-option: Soapy water

Mirrors can get easily dirty from your everyday routines and can even get smudged simply from touching them! 

Soapy water will take care of your mirrors if they are full of dirt, streaks, and smudges. Just mix three tablespoons of dish soap in a spray bottle full of water—for easier handling—-and spray your mirror with it.

The eco-friendly option: Vinegar

If you prefer to keep your cleaning products as eco-friendly as possible, using white vinegar could be a good option for you.

To make this cleaner, mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. When spraying the mirror, be generous with the vinegar on the stained spots. 

A small warning: Don’t use vinegar too often. Otherwise, the acidity could ruin your mirror’s shine! 

The stain-remover option: Rubbing alcohol

Does your mirror feel sticky? Many hygiene or beauty products can leave some residue on your mirrors. 

When your mirror has sticky spots—whether they’re from grime, toothpaste, hairspray, or other products—rubbing alcohol can easily clean them! All you need to do is pour alcohol into a clean cloth and rub the dirty spots away.

The quickest option: Disinfectant wipes

Have you ever needed to remove a small stain or smudge quickly? When you’re in a hurry, preparing a solution can take more time than cleaning the dirty spot. 

In these cases, rubbing the dirty spot with disinfectant wipes can help you eliminate stains quickly. You can also use baby wipes instead—they work the same as disinfectant wipes!

Leave your house as shiny as your mirrors 

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