Dogs At Home? 6 Tips To Maintain Your Floors Clean

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No one denies that having dogs at home is fun. What’s not exciting is seeing your floors turn into a mess—and struggling to clean them. Don’t worry! We have some nifty tips to keep your floors in tip-top shape, no matter how much time your four-legged friend spends indoors.

Tip #1: Clean the dog’s paws before entering your home

After your outdoor adventures, have your furry friend pause for a moment before making their grand entrance. A gentle wipe of those paws with a damp cloth or a special paw-cleaning brush (steer clear of alcohol-based wipes!) will ensure no unwanted dirt gets inside.

Your floors will thank you for this simple but effective move, and your peace of mind will skyrocket.

Tip #2: Trust in pet-friendly doormats

If your furry friend tends to get in and out of the house at their leisure (thanks, doggy doors), preventing paw prints can be a bit more challenging.

That’s where pet-friendly door mats come to the rescue! Strategically place them at all the entry points your fur pals frequent. There are various mats to choose from, such as super absorbent, dirt-trapping, or even the fluffy high-pile—pick the one that suits your needs and pooch best!

Tip #3. Groom your dog regularly

Regularly grooming your canine companion’s coat is an age-old trick that never goes out of style. Besides making your dog look dashing, it significantly reduces the amount of fur decorating your floors.

By controlling when and where that furry mess falls, you’ll be left with a sharp-looking pet and a much cleaner living space. 

Extra: Throw down a blanket during grooming for easy cleanup!

Tip #4. Place washable rugs across the house

Be ahead of the game when it comes to your dog’s activities by strategically placing washable rugs in their favorite areas. These rugs act as a protective shield against spills, scratches, and unexpected mishaps.

Additionally, they breathe new life into your spaces and are exceptionally simple to keep clean!

Tip #5. Use enzymatic cleaners on your floors

You may know how hard some pet stains are to remove from your floors—even more if they have dried out. While regular cleaners struggle to deal with organic stains (blood, urine, feces), enzyme cleaners are designed to specifically attack them.

The beauty of these cleaners lies in their ability to perform wonders on both hard floors and carpets. However, before diving in, always perform a spot test on a concealed section! 

Tip #6. Don’t forget to wash your dog’s belongings

Toys, beds, and blankets that belong to your dog can accumulate all sorts of unpleasant stuff like dirt, odors, and bacteria. Be sure to hand-wash them or toss them into the machine regularly. You’ll keep the grime away, and your house will be healthier.

Keep the rest of your home as clean as your floors!

With dogs at home, your floors may be your main focus, but what about the rest of your home? If you find yourself short on time, don’t worry! The Cleaning Force has your back with top-notch house cleaning services.

Get a free quote and enjoy a sparkling clean home!

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