7 Places Inside Your Home That Might Need Cleaning!

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Even the most diligent home cleaning routines can sometimes overlook certain areas that deserve our attention. While some overlooked spots may not be of major concern, there are other hidden places within our homes that truly demand cleaning. As experienced housekeepers, we understand the importance of a thorough and comprehensive cleaning approach.

In this insightful blog post, we bring to light seven often-overlooked places that may require immediate cleaning action. 

Here is a list of the often-overlooked places that you might need to clean right away! 

1. Doorknobs

Do you include wiping the doorknobs in your daily cleaning checklist? Everyone inside your home touches them more times than you might imagine! Does it sound like the perfect way to spread germs in your household? Well, it’s because it is! 

To protect your household from spreading germs, wipe them frequently with your trusted disinfectant!

2. Light Switches

This is the same scenario as with the doorknobs, but just in a different place. Many hands touch light switches during a typical day, which can spread germs in your household—unless you do something about it! 

Like with the doorknobs, a disinfectant solution is the solution! Wipe the light switches frequently!  

3. Coffee Table

A coffee table never receives the same attention during the cleaning routine as a dining table. However, these surfaces are used to eat, drink, play games, or work on the computer—and that will get them dirty sooner or later. 

When you are cleaning a room, don’t forget to dust the coffee tables too!

4. The kitchen sink

Water and soap run daily through your kitchen sink, but that doesn’t count as cleaning it. On the contrary, the sink and drain are some of the dirtiest places inside a home, and that’s because people often skip cleaning them!

If you haven’t cleaned your kitchen sink in a while, don’t worry! Many popular cleaning methods for cleaning kitchen sinks and drains are easy and require only natural ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar!

5. Behind the toilet

The small section of the bathroom floor behind the toilet may not be visible at first glance, but it still needs cleaning! Bacteria can travel far and reach every corner of your bathroom, including behind the toilet! 

In this case, the solution is easy and won’t take much of your time! Just make sure to reach behind the toilet every time you mop the bathroom floor!

6. Showerheads

When cleaning a shower, besides cleaning the grime, you also deal with mineral deposits like soap scum and scaling. Usually, the first place when you can notice the mineral build-up is on an unkept showerhead. 

However, you can prevent it by cleaning your showerhead with vinegar!

7. Smartphones

Many people don’t clean their smartphones as often as they should—if they clean them at all! As any other frequently touched area in your home, smartphones can be full of bacteria too! 

When these devices are touched by you alone, they may have fewer germs than other areas in your home. However, they represent a more considerable risk when they are often in your hands, even if you are eating! Disinfect your phone at least twice a week!

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